10 reasons why I Love the Dallas Stars


Before we get going, I’d like to thank Jason from Discard What You Don’t Need for this post.

There will also be a hand turkey, which will be made at a later date, festooned in Stars colours.

So without further ado…

Reason 10. Brett Hull

For without Mr. Hull and his foot, there would be no Cup in the Deep South.

I’d also like to add, that his trolling of Buffalo Sabers fans on twitter is the sole reason I wake up in the morning.

Reason 9. Home of the greatest fans in the entire league

look at all these jacked Stars fans..

excuse me..that’s an old photo..This next one is more accurate..

Sorry, this must have been taken during the World Series.. silly google, why don’t you work!! don’t worry..the fans will come back..right?

Reason 8. Joe Nieuwendyk

Won the G-D Conn Smythe and then became the best GM the Stars ever had, I mean who else would pay Sean Avery NOT to play for your team, genius right!

Reason 7. Screwing the People of the GREAT State of Minnesota

For the small children and uneducated in the group, the ‘Dallas’ Stars used to be the ‘Minnesota’ North Stars before they up and left to Dallas. Sure showed them!!

Reason 6. Mike Modano

Franchise leader in basically every category worth mentioning. They should really consider calling the team the Dallas Mike Modanos. Now that he’s retired from hockey, there is always modeling…

Reason 5. Pantera wrote them a Song

Although if you listen to it, calling it a song is a bit of a stretch. It really speaks to the creativity of Stars fans.

Reason 4. They’re NOT owned by Mark Cuban, Jerry Jones..

or anyone for that matter, they should probably get on that.

Reason 3. Fabian Brunnstrom

Remember this kid? YouTube Phenom and scored a 2 goals his first game out, which happened to be the only 2 goals of his 44 game season.

Reason 2. The Mooterus

Clearly, this was the greatest jersey to ever be worn by an NHL team. Yes, I’m also including the California Golden Seals

Finally, we’ve reached the end, my Numero Uno reason why I LOVE  the Dallas Stars..

Ladies and Gentleman..

I give you..

Patrik Stefan

(DISCLAIMER: I hope you all realize I’ve lost a bet, and I don’t actually love the Stars, I do however, love making Hand Turkeys)

Here you go Jason, now you can suck it.

– Jaye