12 Days of Christmas Avalanche Style


On the first day of Christmas the Avs gave to me a big old yeti for a mascot! Bernie is kid friendly but whats intimidating about the dog? An avalanche is dangerous and very scary and the dog only helps to find people. I believe a giant Big Foot would be more fun and intimidating. Maybe a little scary for the kids but hey they’ll get over it.

On the second day of Christmas the Avs gave to me press credentials. I would like the opportunity to ask deeper questions than someone of the press gets plus it would be easier to get autographs from the players.

On the third day of Christmas the Avs gave to me the rest of the season healthy. Drink some milk! At this point in the season with all the injuries. I’m beginning to think its not just coincedence. The sqaud needs to drink more mild to keep their bones strong and healthy.

On the fourth day of Christmas the Avs gave to me. A trade that really benefitted the team. Hannan was a rock on the blueline and relaible. Rarely did he miss a game and provided a veteran voice. And if your going to trade someone so valuable why (and i hope it pays off) for Thomas Flieschman? He can put some points on the board but damn we are in the top 3 depending on the night in goals scored per game. We need depth at D and not other teams scrubs like Obryne and hunnick. Don’t get me wrong I like both of them in our system but we could have done better.

On the fifth day of Christmas the Avs gave to me a healthy Foresberg that wanted to play for the Avs. I’m still a huge Foresberg fan and his skills could be used down the stretch and in the playoffs. Get well soon and come on back home to the mile high city.

On the sixth day of Christmas the Avs gave to me Statsny, Hejduk, Stewart, Liles, or Duchene in the all star game. Any of those players will do. And the their the better the game will be. It’s been awhile since we had a strong showing in the all star game. Hopefully this year will take us back to the early years when we had several players on the all star roster.

On the seventh day of Christmas the Avs gave to me 2012 Winter Classic. Its time for the game to come out west and quite frankly if I see the Penguins in it one more time I’m going to boycott the game. Imagine the Avs playing at Invesco field? Wow that would be a lot of fun and a great experience for the city. The only problem I see is that the rink could end up being a swimming pool with our crazy weather!

On the eighth day of Christmas the Avs gave to me fans that will cheer at the game! Have you been to the games? Our fans or excuse me the people that show up and stay on their cell phones all game or complain to the ushers that other fans are being too loud need to go. We don’t have to have the enthusiasm of a Montreal or Philly but exhibit some show of excitement. It seems more like a library sometimes than a hockey game. Get excited.

On the ninth day of Christmas the Avs gave to me a solid 60 minute game
We have kicked but in many games this season but even in the games we have blown out teams we have yet to play a full 60. Maybe its the youth but I think we can really do some damage with a focused 60.

On the tenth day of Christmas the Avs gave to me someone born in the 70’s Damn I love the youth and the hopes for the future. But when Liles is an old man on your squad somethings wrong. Sometimes (especially when Foote is out of the line up) we need (the as Shattenkirk called Hannen) a wiley veteran to put some foot in ass to keep the youngins focused.

On the eleventh day of Christmas the Avs gave to me a playoff run. With the parity in the Western Conference this year a win can place you in first and a loss can land you in tenth. A close race leaves no room for errors or losses to teams like the Oilers.

On the twelfth day of Christmas the Avs gave to me a season to remember that ended up with the team winning the cup. The Blackhawks are proof positive that a young team can win the cup. It will take a lot of work and luck but with a hot Anderson or Budaj in the playoffs and the Avs ability to light the lamp could take us back to the promise land.

Go Avs!