Live Blog: Game 3 Avs vs. Sharks


Gonna give this a try for the first time.

20:00 – Here we go. The crowd sounds rowdy. Let’s go Avs!!!

18:42 – Joe Thornton takes a late shot at Andy after the whistle. Boo birds are out for Rob Blake, as expected.

18:17 – Tucker draws a penalty. Avs on the PP!

17:54 – Duke is down. Looks like it might be one of his infamous knees. Headed to the locker room. UPDATE: They’re calling it an upper-body injury.

17:20 – Just an update on the line-ups. Looks like Dany Heately is out tonight. Definitely good news for the Avs.

16:01 – Sharks on the PP. Tucker for elbowing

15:20 – I don’t think Galiardi is going to survive this series.

14:00 – Another penalty. This time it’s against SJ.

11:20 – Poor powerplay by the Avs. Strong effort by Tucker led to a scoring chance with McLeod. Beautiful save by Nabby. Avs need to keep this pressure on. Six shots in the 1st so far.

8:03 – Holy #$%# I like the physicality in this game. Looks like the Avs are showing the Sharks they aren’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with them.

5:11 – Bad News keeps coming for injuries. Looks like Hejduk is doubtful to return.

4:37 – Stupid penalty against the Avs. Too many men. Nice save by Anderson though.

End of the 1st – Tied 0-0.  Very exciting game thus far. TJ Galiardi continues to be the most interesting player on the ice for either team. Love the kids who step it up in the playoffs. Looked at times like SJ was content to just weather the storm in the 1st, wait for the Avs to calm down or make a mistake. We’ll see if they turn up the pressure in the 2nd.

2nd Period

15:53 – We just watched two minutes worth of absolute dominance by the San Jose Sharks. They were winning every battle, keeping the puck in the Avs’ zone and the Avs were chasing. Thank their lucky stars there was no goal or penalty.

12:00 – Matching penalties after a scuffle along the bench. Good chance just now for Stoa on a beautiful pass by Duchene. Wait…no, the refs are giving another penalty to us. Wow.

9:22 – Amazing save by Anderson! Makes the 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th save to keep this a 0-0 game. PK continues to play solid.

3:42 – Another @#$%@@#$% power play for the Sharks. Tripping called on Foote. Avs are getting absolutely dominated right now. I believe they have 3 shots in the 2nd period, to the Sharks 12. This kill will be huge, but how long can Anderson hold them off? This is where playoff heroes are made.

1:26 – Nice kill, Anderson already has 27 saves.

End of the 2nd – Well, the Avs didn’t so much play in this period as survive it. Andy’s been standing on his head, but for the 3rd, we need to get more pressure on Nabokov. I’m not convinced that he’s as confident tonight as he should be. Looking behind him on too many shots. If we get some more pressure, I think we might be able to get some solid scoring chances.

15:14 – Anderson continues to drink the Sharks’ milkshake, but how long can he keep it up? Avs need to take some shots!!

13:05 – 37-12 shot differential!! That’s how bad our skaters are getting outplayed. 37-12!!

5:47 – Shooting gallery. This is becoming less of a game and more of a clinic on offensive domination and desperate goaltending. That being the case, Avs are penalized AGAIN. Quincey going off. Foote is injured and in the locker room. Things don’t get much better than this…

3:21 – We kill the penalty, Galiardi boards Setogouchi. Back on the penalty kill. Anderson hates his team right now. Andy has made 47 saves to Nabokov’s 13.

End of Regulation – I don’t even know what to write anymore. This is the most dominating playoff goaltending I’ve seen since Roy in Game 4 of the Finals in ’96. Yeah, best performance in 14 years. An exaggeration? Not if the Avs find some way to win tonight.


This was one of the most indescribable games I’ve ever seen. Craig Anderson absolutely steals this one, playing the best game of his life, recording a 51 save shutout in only his 3rd career playoff game. Sharks seemingly score into their own net. What can you say? This Sharks team is a truly jaded team. Avs take the game 3 1-0, now take the series lead 2-1, and will be playing on Tuesday. I will be at that game cheering these boys on to take that 3-1 series lead back to San Jose.