Colorado Avalanche Post to Post ’19: Best Regular Season Social Media Highlights Week 1

Berlin, Germany - January 11: In this photo illustration the apps of different social media networks are displayed on a smartphone on January 11, 2019 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo Illustration by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images)
Berlin, Germany - January 11: In this photo illustration the apps of different social media networks are displayed on a smartphone on January 11, 2019 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo Illustration by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images) /

The Colorado Avalanche have won their first two regular season games. We look back at some of the team’s best social media of the past week.

The week began with some good news for the social media team. After mourning the fact that the previous game hadn’t been broadcast, so there was so footage of any of the Avalanche goals, the Dallas Stars media team came through. Since all three goals were scored by new additions to the roster it’s nice that fans were able to see them, even if it was after the event.

In more fun news, the media team have added some Avalanche themed stickers to Instagram so you can decorate your Instagram stories.

After finally resolving his contract negotiation, Mikko Rantanen rejoined his teammates in Denver. Of course captain Gabriel Landeskog was there to welcome his friend and linemate in his own special way.

Needless to say the media team were also delighted to see Mikko back where he belongs, on the ice in Denver.

As we moved into October there were just a couple of days left before the team’s home opener, and anticipation was building.

And the excitement about the reunited top line was palpable.

As teams across the league got ready for their first games of the season, the NHL Twitter account decided to host a little get together. The comments from the various team’s social accounts are absolutely worth reading and, of course, our very own Avalanche were there with this gem of a gif.

After we were teased with photos from the laser room at the Avalanche’s media day we finally got to see the end result. They posted these for all the players but here’s a small sample of the ones where they really went to town with the lasers.

Game day arrived, and with it the media team posted some handy hints and tips for people attending their first game. This is something I really love about the Avalanche as a franchise. They  do whatever they can to make new fans feel welcome. Going to a game can be daunting if you’ve never done it before and little things like this make such a difference.

It seems the media team may have two menaces to contend with this year. This should provide some quality media content during the season.

I really love all the little extras the media the team have added across various platforms this season. They really make it so easy to have fun when talking about the team.

It was time for game day suits and Andre Burakovsky evidently got the memo about wearing burgundy. Tyson Jost is also rocking that three piece.

This little introductory video genuinely made me tear up. The media and broadcast teams do such a great job of capturing so much heart and emotion in a two minute video.

Returning this season is the social media game day thread, where the team tweets important events (goalie, penalties etc) for people who are unable to watch or listen to the game. This is really useful, and often the added comments are really fun.

I don’t think Mikko Rantanen’s ‘Big Moose’ nickname (coined by Gabriel Landeskog, of course) will be going away any time soon.

You definitely have to admire J.T. Compher‘s confidence, and he was right about the goal, so who are we to argue.

Just as exciting as the first win of the season, the Avalanche have announced (after years of fans requesting it) a pet calendar. As a teaser they shared an image of Sam Girard with his now Instagram famous dog Tornade.

A few days ago the Jonas Brothers performed at Pepsi Center. I can neither confirm nor deny that the Avalanche players who did not play in the home opener were inspired by this.

This just made me laugh. Colin Wilson has such an expressive face on the ice.

Cale Makar took part in his first Break The Ice hockey clinic for youth players. Despite his relatively young age Makar seems to be a natural with kids, as this edition of Cale Cam demonstrates.

The social media team continues to show their fun side by gently making fun of their players. It’s things like this that makes the team relatable.

It’s nice that the players join in the ‘wear navy’ theme of Division Rival nights. Nathan MacKinnon is looking particularly good with his buttoned jacket.

It’s a good thing Mikko’s only suit is the right color.

Evidently not everyone got the ‘wear navy’ memo.

Andre Burakovsky seems to be developing a habit of smirking at the camera on game days. Could this be the new Patrik Nemeth stare down?

I’m a big fan of the team’s current third jerseys, and evidently the social media team is too.

The game day thread now comes with a fancy new graphic, which I love. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s different versions of this during the season.

After the Straight Arm Challenge was teased during the Avalanche’s media day, the first video has finally come out. Pierre-Edouard Bellemare in particular seems to be having a lot of fun here.

As someone who lives outside the US I’m not as invested in team rivalries as a lot of Avs fans are, but this gif and the accompanying comment is incredibly satisfying.

Gabriel Landeskog and Mikko Rantanen’s post-game handshake has been a tradition for a while now. Looks like Bellemare is now part of it too, which is great. It’s nice to see the new members of the team becoming part of traditions themselves.

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The Colorado Avalanche now have a few days rest, with their next game being on Thursday October 10.