Colorado Avalanche Rumors: Analyzing Carolina Hurricanes as Trade Partners

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Noah Hanifin

My first article ever at MHS was about a speculative trade involving Ryan O’Reilly and the Avs first round pick in order to find a way to draft Noah Hanifin. Basically, I think Noah Hanifin is the bees knees.

Hanifin is definitely still developing, but he has all the tools necessary to becoming a legit No. 1 D-man. He can skate, he can shoot and he can most certainly defend. Here’s what one scout had to say about him coming into the draft:

"A dynamic two-way defenseman who has no holes in his game. An exceptionally strong skater who isn’t afraid to take the puck himself and move it up-ice. The confidence that he has in his abilities lets him thrive under heightened competitive levels. The skilled defenseman’s undeniably high level of hockey sense is showcased whenever he touches the puck in the offensive zone. Defensively, he is aggressive, constantly pushing for puck possession and a quick transition to offense, but at the same time steadfast, reliable, and patient. He is poised beyond his years and mature in his decision making. All-in-all, Noah Hanifin is the ideal all-around defenseman who leaves no area of his game untended."

Hanifin would be a tough player for the Avs to acquire — it would probably take Matt Duchene for the Avs to pry Hanifin away.

Nonetheless, Hanifin is still young — 19 years old — so his potential is by no means proven. Duchene has proven his salt, so the ‘Canes know what they would be getting.

The Avs would be taking a risk on a defenseman they hope to develop. It is certainly a calculated risk, but a risk nonetheless. There are some other options available of course.