Colorado Avalanche – Radioactive


This video was released by the Colorado Avalanche media department a few weeks ago, but never made it onto the site as MileHighSticking was going through a transitional phase.

A lot of media thought that the video was “terrifying.” While the Avs lip syncing the Imagine Dragons hit single “Radioactive” isn’t exactly going to win any awards, I think the video is brilliant.

This isn’t the glory days Avalanche filled with veterans and this isn’t 2000. The stars of this video grew up with social media and viral videos. Even though these guys are professional athletes, let’s not forget how young they are. If most of them weren’t in the NHL right now, they’d be in college. And what do college kids do? Make videos and upload them to YouTube for all their friends to see.

I have to give credit to the Avalanche media and marketing department for this video. While it may not have been their idea, it’s very well put together. The Avs media department has really stepped their game up this year with the videos they’ve put it. I guess it’s easier to come up with video ideas when the team is good, exciting, and has an identity.

Whether you love or hate the video, you can’t deny that this Avalanche team is having fun on and off the ice.