Colorado Avalanche Post to Post: Best Regular Season Week 22 Social Media

KRAKOW, POLAND - 2018/09/07: Facebook, twitter and google logos are seen trough a magnifying glass on an android mobile phone. (Photo by Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
KRAKOW, POLAND - 2018/09/07: Facebook, twitter and google logos are seen trough a magnifying glass on an android mobile phone. (Photo by Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

The Colorado Avalanche are on the final game of a small west coast road trip. We look at some of the best social media posts of the past week.

At the trade deadline the Colorado Avalanche announced they had acquired Derick Brassard from the Florida Panthers. He happened to already be in Denver, getting ready to play the Avalanche that night, so it was just a short walk for him to join his new team. Colin Wilson, who has a reputation for befriending everyone, was sent down to meet him.

This is a really interesting photo. I love the lens/perspective making the stick look bigger than it is.

It must be confusing to arrive in a city playing for one team, only to be traded and have to play against them that night. It’s no wonder Brassard got a little confused at one point.

On Tuesday the Avalanche posted a series of videos where J.T. Compher and Alexander Kerfoot were pitted against Mark Barberio and Ryan Graves to see who knew their friend the best. It was an interesting matchup considering Compher and Kerfoot live together and make up two thirds of the #BestMates whereas Graves hasn’t been on the team very long so hasn’t had the chance to get to know people as well.

Graves made a surprisingly strong start, taking the point by reading the newspaper and studying the roster so he knew when Barberio’s birthday was.

This was a bit of an easy one. I think most people would guess pepperoni if they weren’t sure.

Ryan Graves continued to hold his own against the #BestMates and I think inability to spell should have lost Compher the point.

There was some controversy over the best band answers. Mostly because JT was annoyed that he got it wrong and Graves got it right. There were accusations of cheating, which is interesting considering how things end.

But Compher quickly bounced back with his 100% correct answer on what the best dish Kerfoot cooks is.

Graves finally fell behind when it came to guessing celebrity crushes, but J.T.’s answer is the true winner of the entire contest.

By this point in the quiz I was having a lot of feelings about Ryan Graves, who I didn’t know a huge amount about off the ice prior to this. So if the purpose of these videos was to get people to know Graves a little more it definitely succeeded.

When the topic of first kisses came up, J.T. had to make sure he dropped Graves in it.

The final question pushes things into a tie, and even Lauren Gardner is surprised at the chemistry Graves and Barberio have.

One of the things I love about following the Avalanche on social media is that their broadcast team is as fun and involved as the official channels. During the intermission of the last home game the Altitude TV crew took part in a relay race. Lauren Gardner was hit by a t-shirt sniper and joked about her status.

True to her word she showed up in red the next day.

I was very happy to see Colin Wilson back in a regular practice jersey, with news that he was confirmed to play that night.

Patrik Nemeth is continuing his mission to stare down and be generally creepy with the social media team.

Carl Söderberg is often referred to as ‘Big Ol’ Carl’ on social media. After scoring the shootout winning goal his nickname got an upgrade.

Matt Calvert was particularly excited when the team won in the shootout. It’s difficult to tell how Tyson Jost felt about the whole thing.

Honestly, I love little things like this. It shows how much the media team put thought into how their content looks and has fun with it.

With this confession I will forever more have trust issues.

It’s nice to see the guys talking about their softer sides. And, of course, you can’t talk about Titanic without having the infamous door debate.

The media team endures a lot to bring us the content that we love and appreciate.

Bringing the people the content that they want.

Tyson Jost is always so expressive and in such relatable ways.

Erik Johnson has clearly been taking lessons from Patrik Nemeth.

Ever since Sam Girard was on the Avalanche podcast and told us the name for this move it’s been fun to watch.

Ryan Graves has decided that rather than not wearing socks, which a lot of the players do, he was going to make a statement with his.

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The Avalanche are on the road for one more game before heading home to face rivals Detroit. We’ll be back next week to bring you the best social media highlights.

On a personal note I am headed to Denver on Friday and will be spending 10 days out there attending games and practices as well as doing some sightseeing. I’m planning on putting together a guide for fans thinking of visiting so if there’s anything you want to know drop me a comment.