Colorado Avalanche: Who’s Tradable Amongst the Group?

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Colorado Avalanche
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In the end, the Calvin Pickard and John Mitchell trades are the most likely options for the reasons mentioned on their slides, and the reasons that make a Tyson Barrie trade so difficult.

Calvin Pickard is an RFA next year that stands to get a bit of a pay increase if he’s going to take over the back-up situation.

With one more year left on Reto Berra’s contract, the Avs have the luxury of trading Pickard, especially if Berra can continue his current form next season.

The Avs won’t trade Tyson Barrie unless they can guarantee a trade for Drouin, and even if they can guarantee his arrival in Colorado, they still might not make that trade.

John Mitchell and a prospect makes a lot of sense for both sides in the trade, especially if they can come to an agreement about defensemen.

No matter what happens, it will be interesting to see if the Colorado Avalanche make any moves either before, or on the deadline.

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If they do make a move, hopefully it will be to improve their defense, but I still argue that they should pursue Drouin and acquire him if at all possible.

What do you think Avs fans? What trade arrangements would you put forth if it were up to you? Do you think they should trade Barrie if they can acquire Drouin? Let us know in the comments!