Colorado Avalanche: Pull it Together


The Colorado Avalanche lost another game on home ice, and they need to pull it together if they want to join the ranks of productive hockey.

I was at the game the other night, and I was prepared for a loss, just one of those inevitable things that I saw coming on hot wings into the mix.

Game Notes

— Matt Duchene’s scoring streak came to an end, but hopefully his hot streak will not because one more goal in November and he’ll reach the lofty heights of the Colorado Avalanche history annals.

— Semyon Varlamov got pulled in last night’s game, and his play is disconcerting this season. So, a trade might be in order.

— Nathan MacKinnon is good, simply said.

— Gabe Landeskog got back on the scoresheet with a goal, and it’s too bad that his shot off the post didn’t find twine.

All in all, we’re looking at a team that is likely to find a lottery ticket when it’s all said and done, and perhaps that ticket will help them find the sweet spot of the hockey business.

Pull it Together Colorado Avalanche

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I really don’t care if they do to be quite honest with you fans, but perhaps some level of pride could surface from an attempt to join the ranks of a level-headed endeavor of care. I’ve been told that if you want to work — and be good at your job — then you need to find the intersection of passion and skill.

What I’m trying to say is this team obviously has skill, but show some passion boys. Grab that logo on your chest and make it worth the grip. A handful of logo is worth much more than a handful of empty of promise.

And, if the Colorado Avalanche keep promising that things will turn around without grabbing the logo and giving a damn about what it stands for, then fans can prepare for another offseason that promises change.

And, they can surely bet that they’ll find that change in the top 3 draft picks as well — that’s where this skid is heading.

What Can Fans Hope For?

Yeah, we can hope for an organizational changing draft pick. I saw the jerseys the other night that riddled the bathrooms as people were inevitably drawn to the place where people water the hole instead of going to the watering hole. And, there were a lot of Paul Stastny jerseys.

There were some Ryan O’Reilly jerseys too, and I think that the Buffalo Sabres are pretty happy with the fact that they got out the shovel when they paid him. He’s a future Selke winner.

What I’m getting to is that the Colorado Avalanche have two offensive centers, and are unlikely to find the ranks of hockey glory with that sort of 1-2 punch. They are missing defense, but not only on the back-end. There’s a reason a coach stacks his first line with his best players.

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So, here we stand, and direction is found to be a rather stagnant thing in the current state. But if things continue on this path then Colorado Avalanche fans can hopefully expect an Auston Matthews stamp on a new jersey, and Matt Duchene to find a new color as well.

Time’s progression is a beautiful certainty of life, and next year will find change just like the belly of an individual on the cusp of a Thanksgiving dinner.

What do you think Avs fans? Can this team change things around? Or, are we likely to find a front seat in the upcoming draft? Let us know in the comments!