Colorado Avalanche 30 Under 30: Future Stars

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DENVER, CO – APRIL 04: Tyson Jost

The Colorado Avalanche 30(ish) under 30 concludes with the future stars of the team.

With as young as the Colorado Avalanche are now, this 30 under 30 series has reached epic proportions.

I initially envisioned the series as a way to put my own spin on other sites’ 25 under 25 series. I liked the idea of profiling a larger age group — the under-30 set is pretty much the prime of a hockey player’s career:

I thought it would also be interesting to look at some former players and what they achieved when they were under 30 for the Colorado Avalanche. Here are three posts for that:

I started this series last season, but more pressing Avs issue took precedence when I was halfway through, and I never made it to the prospects.

Well, this summer, I started up the series again. However, the team had made a new commitment to youth, and only two contracted players were actually over 30 years old — Blake Comeau and Carl Soderberg, both 31.

So, with fresh eyes I considered the current cast of the Colorado Avalanche:

When I turned my attention to the prospects, I realized two things. One, Mikko Rantanen is no longer a prospect — he should be listed under the current stars. Well, I’ll include him here anyway so he doesn’t get left out.

Two, there were three tiers of prospects. Here are the first two:

Some of those players will make the team, and some will not. However, along with Rantanen, who’s already on the team, the players on this list are not only sure to play for the Colorado Avalanche — they should, in fact, make a big impact.

So, without further adieu, let’s look at the future stars of the Colorado Avalanche.

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