Colorado Avalanche: Ranking Matt Duchene Moments 4 to 6

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DENVER, CO – MARCH 7: Matt Duchene

This week continues the ranking of Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene’s shining moments with the team.

Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene is still with the team. I honestly think he’s going to start the year with the team.

As I said in my previous post, I started this article between the end of the Avs’ season and the NHL Draft. It looked almost certain that Duchene was going to get traded. I was sad about that fact and wanted to memorialize some of his best moments with the team.

Well, the draft came and went, as did Free Agency Frenzy. And Dutchy is still with us.

Duchene’s shining armor may have taken a beating recently when he remarked in an interview that he was “burned out” in January. I go into depth on the topic here, but I’ll just point out that “burned out” and “checked out” aren’t the same thing. Duchene was talking about his mental state, not his work ethic.

In any case, how Matt Duchene leaves the team — because it looks pretty good he will one way or another — doesn’t change what’s he’s meant to the team and the Avs fandom. So, I’m writing this little mini-series ranking Duchene’s top nine moments — because he’s our number nine — with the Avs.

Last week, I chronicled numbers seven through nine. This week, let’s look at the mid-list moments. They’re good ones.

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