Colorado Avalanche Alumni: Patrick Roy Moments

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#4: Patrick Roy Burns Jeremy Roenik

The Colorado Avalanche met the Chicago Blackhawks in the second round of the 1996 Stanley Cup playoffs.

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By the end of the fourth round the series was tied at two apiece. Three of the four games had already gone into overtime. In other words, things were getting chippy.

Jeremy Roenik, then of the Chicago Blackhawks, complained about not being awarded a penalty shot during Game 4, according to the Denver Post. He also pointed out that he’d scored on Roy during a breakaway, suggesting he would have scored on the penalty shot and tied the game, which Colorado won 3-2.

Patrick Roy responded that Roenik wouldn’t have scored on the penalty shot anyway, so it didn’t matter.

At that point Roenik got clever:

"“I’d like to know where Patrick was in Game 3, probably up trying to get his jock out of the rafters.”"

The Colorado Avalanche were shut out in Game 3 while Chicago scored four times on Patrick Roy, including that breakaway of Roenik’s.

Patrick Roy’s response to Jeremy Roenik is now infamous:

"“I can’t hear what Jeremy says, because I’ve got my two Stanley Cup rings plugging my ears.”"

I remember hearing that interview live and thinking, “Did he really just say that?”

His arrogance hadn’t become legendary in Colorado just yet. That Stanley Cup ring quote changed that legend status — and is still one of the most beloved lines among Avalanche fans.

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