Colorado Avalanche Are Definitely Competitors This Year

The debate of the year about the Colorado Avalanche has focused around whether they are a team of tomorrow, or should be competing this year. Their recent play has suggested that the latter is the correct answer.

Ever since I started writing at Mile High Sticking this season most posts revolving around the current play and general state of the Avs has been followed by a debate in the comments about whether or not the Avalanche are — or should be — rebuilding still. Which has been great — I have learned so much from our readers and other writers putting in two sense.

And for the record, I was always in the “Avalanche should be competitive this year camp.”

First of all, the Colorado Avalanche have three 3 picks all with at least 3 years of NHL experience — center Matt Duchene, left wing Gabriel Landeskog and defenseman Erik Johnson. They also have Nathan MacKinnon, who’s in his third year.

The Colorado Avalanche also deepended their forwards rank with Carl Soderberg and Black Comeau. Likewise, I’ve been silently — and happily — surprised at how solid Francois Beauchemin has been.

But during all this the other camp- — that is to say the “days of tomorrow camp” — pointed to a much more concrete indicator of the teams standing: their record. And as the Colorado Avalanche toiled near the bottom of the entire NHL in mid November the camps stood even more apart. I called for a culture change or trades, while days of tomorrowers called for patience and smart player development and demanded I accept that this just wasn’t the Av’s year.

And it still might not be the Colorado Avalanche’s year. Despite a great December they still sit five points back of a playoff spot, with a very tough January schedule. But either way I think the Avs’ recent play has proven this team has the ability to be competitive this year. They just need to find a way to bring it night in and night out.

Tell me more — what do you think of the Colorado Avalanche’s chances for being competitive this year?