Colorado Avalanche Superstition: Blue Jerseys

The Colorado Avalanche wore their third jerseys in the game against the Arizona Wild Coyotes. This was a game that saw the Avalanche seemingly solve all their problems at once.

They got over 30 shots on net — 34, to be exact.


The Avalanche limited the opponent’s shots — to 17. The Coyotes didn’t get a single shot in the second period.

All the big guns fired — Matt Duchene (goal and assist), Gabriel Landeskog (goal), Jarome Iginla (two assists), Ryan O’Reilly (assist), Nathan MacKinnon (assist), Tyson Barrie (goal).

The Colorado Avalanche got a power play goal! It was their first power play goal in 11 games!

Which returns us to the original observation — the Colorado Avalanche were wearing their blue jerseys.

Altitude TV reporter Kyle Keefe made the observation before the Coyotes game that the Avalanche are 6-1 this season in their third jerseys and 14-3-2 if you go back to last year. Of course, that is now changed — 7-1 this season, 15-3-2 going back to last year. That is some good juju.

The players themselves, while they hesitate to call it superstition, believe in the blue jerseys. Keefe asked O’Reilly, Duchene and MacKinnon about the third jerseys during a post-practice presser.

O’Reilly smiled when he heard the Avalanche were wearing their third jerseys and said:

“I guess we’ve got some confidence in them. Hopefully we can carry [the streak] over.”

Duchene concurred with the players’ happiness:

“Whenever w see them come out, we’re definitely excited. Hopefully we can keep that trend going.”

MacKinnon said it best, though:

“We should wear them all the time. Hopefully we can keep that streak going.”

Well, the Avalanche did keep that streak going and more. If you take nothing else away, take at least this — the Avalanche got a power play goal!

Colorado has two more games schedule for wearing the third jersey — February 28 against the Minnesota Wild and March 12 against the New Jersey Devils.

The Avs haven’t scored on Minnesota yet this season despite facing them in three games. They could use the good juju from the blue jerseys.

For the record, the game they lost while wearing the blue jerseys was the 3-2 November 2 game against the Anaheim Ducks. Otherwise, their games in blue have been stellar:

  • October 24: 7-3 over Vancouver Canucks
  • November 29: 5-2 over Dallas Stars
  • December 11: 4-3 over Winnipeg Jets
  • December 23: 5-0 over St. Louis Blues
  • January 8: 5-2 over Ottawa Senators
  • January 30:  3-0 over Nashville Predators
  • February 16: 5-2 over Arizona Coyotes

That last win was with Reto Berra in net for the Avalanche, by the way. Ok, not exactly — Semyon Varlamov brought the Avalanche to a 5-1 lead over the Coyotes into the third period, having faced only five shots. Berra faced that many shots in the first couple minutes, and let one in. However, he did hold out for the rest of the period, facing a total of 12 shots. But let the record show, he was wearing the blue jersey.

A lot of Avalanche fans are dissatisfied with the current style of the jerseys because of their “uni-pron” look. Perhaps the Avalanche should heed MacKinnon’s advice (prompted by Keefe) and switch to blue full time.