Jeremy Lambert, Editor: A life long Colorado Avalanche fan. His favorite player of all-time is Peter Forsberg and his current favorite player is Matt Duchene. You can follow him on twitter @MHSAvalanche

Will Agathis, Author: From Somerset, New Jersey, Will Agathis is an on the rise sports journalist for FanSided’s MileHighSticking in addition to SBNation. He also wrote for Bleacher Report. He follows both the New Jersey Devils and Colorado Avalanche. You can follow him on twitter @WAgathis

Payton Bartee, Author: Die-hard fan of the Colorado Avalanche, Denver Broncos, Houston Astros, and Colorado Rockies. Also religiously follow Florida Gators football and Kansas Jayhawks basketball. Live in Houston with my wonderful wife where we both work in education. You can follow him on twitter @ptbartee

Blaise Miyakusu, Author: From Colorado Springs, Colorado, Blaise is an aspiring sports journalist. Currently attending college in the Springs, he has been a Colorado Avalanche fan his entire life. You can follow him on twitter @BlaiseMHS



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