Mueller Making Impact.

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At only 23 years old, Peter has been out of the lineup most of his NHL Career due to concussions. He has only played 10 game so far this season, but in his last few games since returning for the 2nd time this season he has put up 3 goals and 1 assist.

I really love Mueller on this team, and was super excited when the Avs traded for him. I believe if he stays healthy, he will be a player the Avs want in their lineup for years to come, to go with the young core the Avs are currently bringing up through the system.

In the 26 Games Peter Has played for the Avs , he has totalled 13 goals and 12 assists. Which is pretty darn good in my opinion. He also has a wicked low slap shot that seems to find the five hole on goaltenders very well, and i’m pretty sure most of his goals were five hole’s during his 26 games with the Avs.

The only thing that is yet to be seen is whether or not he can play his style of game , but at the same time be able to avoid the head trauma. All we can do is hope. If Mueller receives another concussion, the Avs management may have no other choice but to cut their losses and buyout his contract. And with his medical history, its doubtful any team would bring a risk like him onto their team.

Im not a religious man, but i pray that nothing happens to him again. This team is moving in the right direction, but i believe Mueller needs to be a part of it.


Marc Parsons

Twitter- @mercus24

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