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That answer is No… its not.

Last night the Avs played 40 minutes of the best hockey i’ve seen them play all season. Heading into the third period with a nice comfortable 4-2 lead over the San Jose Sharks, not only making me believe, but also everyone i tweet with believe that there is no way we are seeing an Avs loss tonight. And everyone was happy and hoping that 2 wins on a home and home against the Sharks might be the start of a turnaround in play for the Avs.

Alas we were filled with false hope AGAIN, and i cannot stress the word “AGAIN” enough. As we have seen with the Avs time and time again is the all to familiar comfort they had going into the 3rd, with them also thinking they had this game in the books. A couple bad turnover’s later and the Sharks now have a 5-4 lead to win the game.

It also cannot be stressed enough how the Avs need to play full 60 minute hockey every game.

Hopefully the loss last night will have made them realize a few things. The next game is tomorrow night against a struggling Washington Capitals team in which the Avs have had some success against. It will be a game to watch, as i believe we are a few more losses away from some serious change, regardless of the injuries. But until Kroenke opens up his wallet to a team we are sure he does not care about, we will see many years of struggling Avs hockey.


Marc Parsons



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