Mile High Scouting: Sven Bartschi

Svatos Jr.? (

ISS Rank: 11th

Team: Portland- WHL

Position: LW

H/W: 5′ 10″ 175lbs

DOB: 10/05/92

2010-2011 Stats: 66 GP 34 G 51 Ast 85 Pts

Why he fits on the Avalanche: Bartschi is a great prospect with a lot of potential and being that he is a LW it is obvious he would be appealing to the Avalanche. He fits the bill as an Avalanche forward since he doesn’t have to much size but has natural offensive talent.

Why he doesn’t fit on the Avalanche: The reason I wrote very little on why Bartschi fits on the Avalanche is because I want the Avalanche to completely ignore Bartschi when the number 11 pick is up. Bartschi may have potential to be a great secondary scorer option but every time I watch him I see one thing: Marek Svatos. Svatos and Bartschi are both WHL products, are small in stature, and have the secondary scorer label. We all know how Svatos turned out despite the fact he was a 7th round pick but I could not deal with another version of that on the team. I wish Bartschi luck that he has a better career than Svatos has had but let it be with another organization.

Where he ends up: 12-14

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  • Jay

    Like the Mile High Scouting profiles but I have to disagree with Bartschi being Svatos Jr. They play almost a completely different game. The only real similarity is size and willingness to go to the net. If you are to compare him with any Av… he is more like a Hejduk than Svatos. Svatos could only wish to have Bartschi’s wrist shot and puck skills.