Avs/Blues PPD

I wouldn't want to play in that either..(KDSK.com)

Here I was, ready to come roaring back after what seemed like a month long All Star Break, to write a little something about the Avs/Blues game tonight.

That won’t be happening, at least tonight.

In what would have been a crucial game for both teams battling for playoff position, this writer is hoping we’re not having to play an extra game in march to make up for this one.

In other Avs news, If you didn’t see this weekends NHL All Star Game, well..you didn’t miss much..except this..

That’s right, the FIRST penalty shot in ASG history went to our own Matt Duchene..too bad he missed, solid move though.

Good news on the Injury front with Terry Frei reporting that Ryan O’Reilly might be ready to go next game against Minnesota on Thursday. Coach Sacco had the usual to say about Radar..

“We’ll just take it day by day with Ryan, and hopefully he’ll be ready for the next game,”

Thanks Joe, great stuff, really.

Meanwhile, we all wait on pins and needles for word about Sweden’s greatest export since do it yourself furniture…

Keep warm tonight, Avs fans!

– Jaye

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