Who Will Protect Stewart?

Who will protect Chris Stewart in the Avs quest to make the playoffs? It’s kinda like trying to hire a bodyguard for Mike Tyson. As we have seen many times since Stewart has established himself as a sniper the other team has sent their tough guys, fourth liners and any other Clutterbuck’s they can find. And now that he’s broken a hand you can guarantee opposing teams will throw their dirty jock straps in his direction to test his temper.

So who will protect him? Koci? Or should I say Koci’s forehead? Koci was brought on as an enforcer. Please! I’ve seen more enforcement from a crossing guard. Duchene has won more fights than Koci in an Avs jersey.

Duchene has won more fights than Koci in an Avs jersey.

Mcleod could fill the role. He has protected the Avs for a few years now. Unfortunately the way he gets penalties he’s likely to already be in the box.

During his recovery time I’m sure Stewart and the coaching staff discussed his style of play and role. I hope that Stewart will continue to be a physical force. However, after the past 20 games without him I would prefer not to see him fight again. He seems to have a razor edge to him that can enable him to dominate a game. The fact that he can drop the gloves and win the fight makes him all the more dominate. Time will tell, likely tomorrow night, as I’m sure he will not let anyone run over him.

The exciting part of Stewart’s return is how will the Avs lines change. Will Jones or Galiardi end up on the third line? And with Mauldin being sent back to Lake Erie who will chew up the minutes on the PK? Imagine Stewart with Duchene? So many choices for Sacco to make!

With the Avs struggling of late and the All-Star break approaching consistency will be the key to us making a playoff run.

On a MILE HIGH NOTE: Statsny is one goal away from his 100th career goal. Hopefully we see a spectacular 100th goal in a victory against the mild!

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