Stewart Returns Friday vs. Wild

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I think we all saw that game last night, I’d rather not get into what happened. The boys didn’t show up, so we’re not going to bother writing anything about that..moving on.

It seems our lackluster offence and team grit got an added boost…

From Avs beat writer Adrian Dater this morning in the Post

Wingers Chris Stewart and Cody McLeod have been cleared to play against Minnesota, the team said today

The world is once again spinning, if you look outside, you’ll see a double rainbow..ALL HAIL THE AVS’ MEDICAL STAFF!!

Was this the longest 6+ weeks of Avs fans’ life or what? Luckily for us, (after a couple offensive stalls) the team (notably Duchene) has stepped up in his absence. The same can’t be said for the team sans Mcleod, though. Even though I said I wouldn’t talk about it, last nights game vs. Chicago. Down 2 early on, you can’t tell me Mcleod wouldn’t have fired up the boys by taking on Jon Scott. Grit has returned on paper, will it show up vs. friday against Minnesota?

As for Stewart, the Avs have been missing that big body down low. It was especially evident last night.  I’m not quite sure what to expect from him come game time. Will his return be like that of Galiardi? where his presence is immediately felt on the ice AND on the score sheet? Will we see the ‘old’ Paul Stastny, as he’s now got his finisher. (Kevin Porter doesn’t cut it)

Because of Stewart’s return, Greg Mauldin was placed on waivers this morning. I think his offensive time in the sun was starting to set. But his defensive game was still solid. Much like with Brandon Yip, he came up from Lake Erie guns blazin’ and then cooled off. Some Avs fans have soured on Mauldin as of late, probably because his points/game have taken a hit. His penalty killing, and aggression on the PK, was something this team was lacking. There is a chance he could be brought back up if the PK continues to tank.

I know I’m pretty excited to see Stewart back in action. How about you? Do you think he’ll have an immediate impact?

- Jaye

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